Who we are

We are the Rosers, a family of vine dressers:
your host will be Cornelia Roser
and her son and operator Thomas, with his wife Janina
and the youngest family member Max.

  Our Roserhof is a little familybusiness-guesthouse and offers four guest rooms and three apartments.
We are located only 12 minutes walking distance to the BEAUTIFUL CITY OF GENGENBACH, a  historical old town at the edges of the middle Black Forrest.

Our guests will find a new and nice courtyard with many beautiful seating places. In the beverage room we offer several wines of WEINMANUFAKTUR GENGENBACH-OFFENBURG EG and other  alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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- Datschkuchen -


Datschkuchenfest 2019

The Host Community Gengenbach eV invites to "Datschkuchenbacken" at the Roserhof every second Tuesday from 21. May 2019 on.
With wine from Gengenbach and freshly drawn beer you can spent some hours and enjoy the tasty speciality of Gengenbach: the Datschkuchen.

The following dates are: 04. June 2019,
18. June 2019, 02. July 2019, 16. July 2019, 30. July 2019, 13. August 2019, 27. August 2019, 10. September 2019 and last time 24. September 2019.


Einachstraße 15

77723 Gengenbach

Phone: +49 7803 3723

Fax: +49 7803 928868